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No one does anything alone

Our friends are our strategic partners, whose expertise, experience and knowledge help us extend our reach and impact.

Working together, we help build, support and nurture, passionate, compassionate and resilient leaders and organizations.

Meet the Friends of the Den below:

Jill Breker, Certified Executive Coach


Hello! I’m Jill, and I’m thrilled to be here as a Friend of the Den!

My background is Emergency and Trauma nursing and I have been a “Jill-of-all-trades” throughout my career. I have held roles in leadership, education, mentorship, special projects, compliance, and quality improvement – and the thing I keep coming back to is coaching others.

While I am grateful for many things in my years in health care, I have experienced unhealthy time demands, lack of control, empathy fatigue, moral distress and burnout. My journey has sparked a strong desire to support those who are facing challenges and looking for a better way.

After years of on-the-job experience, in 2021 I chose to complete more formal education and became a Certified Executive Coach. In 2023 I took the plunge and left the comfort of a role in health care to make space for what I truly wanted – to coach.

Coaching is transformational. Through coaching, I can help you or your team manage what feels overwhelming, and be a catalyst for unlocking your energy and vision. I will listen deeply to understand what motivates you and ask you powerful questions to challenge you to reflect deeply. I will give you a safe space to explore your thoughts and beliefs. And I may throw in some humor for good measure 

A bit more about me: I grew up in Saskatchewan and moved to Vancouver Island in 2000 where I fell in love with the West Coast. In 2018, I met the guy of my dreams and relocated to Portland Oregon where I now reside with my husband Paul and two Aussie Shepherds, Fergus and Charlie.


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