What our clients are saying

“I was a little unsure. I’ve embarked on journeys of self-discovery before, but Suzanne brings a different level of guidance. She was able to illuminate some hidden truths with her succinct and insightful questions, and yes, it was a safe place to go! Affirming of what I wanted and unwavering in holding me to account. I know my experience is guiding me to my best. Suzanne delivers.”


“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Suzanne, and she is a driver of change in the healthcare world. She’s able to challenge the status quo and have the difficult conversations that result in positive change. As a leader and as a coach I’ve witnessed her ability to help individuals become more aware of their blindspots, and as a result make breakthrough improvements. She’s a person with a big heart and a strategic mind, who geniunely cares about helping people reach their full potential”


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