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I was introduced to Suzanne during a year of significant change in my career. Using formal assessment tools, articles, current trends, Suzanne creates a space that requires leaders to have curiosity about how they are showing up in their roles, in a way that sets the stage for transformation into the values driven leader we all strive to be.

Suzanne is the real deal. Committed to staying at the top of her profession, Suzanne models taking action, feeding yourself with things that bring you joy, and leaning into the hard conversations that ultimately make us live into the best of ourselves. I would recommend Suzanne, and do, to emerging leaders moving into c-suite roles.

The ability Suzanne has to coach clearly about your strengths, opportunities and blind spots is vital for anyone involved in a system that directly impacts people. Suzanne’s flexibility with being able to meet for a quick debrief, or a scheduled session, meets the needs of people in busy Executive roles. I am grateful for the role Suzanne has played in my Executive development and look forward to continuing our journey.

Sarah McIntosh, Chief Operating Officer

Women’s Anti-Violence Housing Operator, NPO


I recently had the privilege of working with Suzanne, an outstanding executive coach at Fox Den Consulting, and the impact on my professional life has been truly remarkable. From strategically planning career advancement to securing a new promotional opportunity and refining my leadership skills, the coaching experience far exceeded my expectations.

One of the standout features is the personalized approach. Right from the start, Suzanne dedicated time to understand my unique professional journey, aspirations, and challenges. This personalized attention laid the foundation that were tailor-made to suit my needs. The strategic guidance I received played a pivotal role in advancing my career. Suzanne’s expertise and mentorship were instrumental in navigating the complex healthcare leadership landscape with confidence.

Securing a new job often comes with its own set of challenges, but with Suzanne’s support, I not only found a position that aligns perfectly with my goals and values but also felt well-prepared to navigate the initial phases of the role. Through targeted coaching sessions, I gained a deeper understanding of my leadership style, strengths, and areas for improvement. The practical strategies and actionable insights have empowered me to lead my teams more effectively, fostering a culture of collaboration in a psychologically safe environment

I wholeheartedly recommend Fox Den Consulting to anyone looking to take their career to new heights and become a more effective leader.

Executive Director, Healthcare


Suzanne Fox is a gifted leadership coach who invites her clients to dig in to become their very best. She coaches from her heart, her head and her gut, all key resources to be enable her to be truly present in a coaching conversation. Sensational at following her intuition, Suzanne has the courage to ask the hard questions that need to be asked to support clients in achieving their vision. Coupled with her desire for continuous learning, whether it is coaching, facilitation or consulting, Suzanne will be your committed partner in your path forward.

Laurie Hillis, MA Leadership

Certified Dare to LeadTM Facilitator
PCC Coach Super-visor and Trauma-Informed Coach


I first met Suzanne in 2017 as she was highly recommended by some other shareholders. She took on the job of COO and immediately changed the culture of our start-up company. Suzanne returned to the Public Health arena and remains an advisor to the company and an executive coach to me. Two companies that I am involved with now contract Suzanne to provide leadership, facilitation and management coaching.

Understanding yourself and the ability to better understand others are very valuable tools to have in business and life in general and Suzanne creates the environment for unlocking your potential. I fully recommend Suzanne as a certified executive coach and facilitator. She a very professional person to work with and any organization that partners with her will experience her passion and intention to elevate all levels of leadership to soar.

Pat Hamilton

CEO – Yana Motion Lab
FOUNDER – DataTrail Corp


Suzanne Fox is an executive coach who unites her senior leadership expertise with critical thinking, poignant questioning, and heartfelt dialogue. She creates an environment for you to lean into your whole self, including your shadow. The result is a tapestry of full engagement and an invitation to execute change.

Suzanne is a guide by your side, a champion for your success, and an accountability partner who sees through persona. My experience with Suzanne included timely sessions, thought-provoking feedback, and an opportunity to mine the wisdom from within. She taught me how to leverage relationships and recognize my unique skillset.

Suzanne met me where I was at, suspended judgment, and assisted me with moving through anxiety enabling me to cultivate purposeful actions leading to growth and development. Suzanne is a coach who models grit, tenacity, and getting it done. If you are looking for a coach who will empower you to cultivate clarity, uncover your purpose, and achieve meaningful action, then she is the coach for you.

Shelley McClure

Principal, Aspiring Leadership Inc.
Healthcare Leader


Suzanne has a very rich background of experience that complimented my own in that it brought a completely different perspective to the table. Her ability to listen and then analyze and break down problems with me was extremely valuable and really helped me in considering alternate perspectives to an issue. Suzanne would very effectively apply her coaching techniques based on her extensive experience and training in challenging me to consider my leadership approach. Her approach is to target the solutions and approaches that are right and not the quickest or easiest and she held me accountable to do the same.

What I appreciate most about Suzanne is her ability to synthesize theoretical leadership techniques using her practical hands-on experience into something really meaningful. I look forward to keeping in touch with Suzanne as I continue on my leadership journey and I look forward to the time when our directors can access her skills.

VP Transportation

Energy Industry


It has been an amazing experience for me to have you and your solid, compassionate (with an edge!) coaching through this big professional and personal transition time of mine! I don’t think many who sign up for coaching get your calibre– you are exceptional! I love the notes that I have from our sessions and will continue to lean on them and reflect on them as I grow my leadership again in this new role! It’s awesome and inspiring how you acknowledge and value your contributions enough to make the leap
into making it your primary role and supporting others.

Rachael M

Coordinator, Physician Quality Improvement


Suzanne’s coaching has been immensely helpful for the physicians and staff at our clinic. We’ve developed a deeper understanding of our values and what drives us to perform at our best. She has also given us insight into the differences in how we communicate so that we can work better as a team. Most of all, she has pushed everyone to be honest and open with our thoughts and feelings during group work, which has made everyone more motivated and engaged. Thank you Suzanne!

Dr. Gene Filanovsky

Operations Director Skin Care West


Suzanne worked with our team to do the TypeCoach assessments and team dynamics. We all learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We are putting these tools into place in our communications with one another and it’s made a big difference! Our team has better insight into each other‘s types and how we can utilize each other’s strengths and be sensitive to each other’s needs. Suzanne has a focused and friendly/supportive approach and we all really enjoyed the process. I can highly recommend this for any team.

Dr. Gabriele Weichert

Medical Director Skin Care West


Suzanne has a knack for kindly asking insightful revealing questions. After a few sessions with our medical team, we recognized critical organizational aspects that were lacking and instituted the necessary changes . Organizational structure takes work and we were able to do this work with Suzanne’s guidance. Perhaps even more importantly, we gained a deeper understanding of our individual differences in styles of communication and how that impacts our daily interactions. As a consequence of working with Suzanne, our communications have become more respectful and ultimately effective.

Dr. Yana Simice


Suzanne is a true executive coach who is able to meet clients where they are but at the same time push them to be the best leader they can be. She is fearless but compassionate, encouraging leaders to understand themselves and their impact in a truly meaningful way. Working with Suzanne opened my eyes to some of my blind spots and helped me find greater strength and resilience as a leader. She is also a partner in developing organizational leaders. We engaged Fox Den Consulting as a part of our internal coaching program at Nexii Building Solutions, and Suzanne was consistently one of our most popular and impactful coaches in the program. I highly recommend Fox Den and Suzanne to support your leadership growth journey.

Tricia Hollyer

Chief People Officer


Thank you Suzanne for helping me through a difficult decision! Your coaching style is supportive and motivating and the way you helped me break down and reframe my thinking was so valuable. In two sessions I felt like I was on the right track to navigate the decision and also had additional tools for the future! I appreciate your transparency around your coaching style which I found refreshing. I would definitely recommend you to others!

Annika J.

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