What our clients are saying

“I was a little unsure. I’ve embarked on journeys of self-discovery before, but Suzanne brings a different level of guidance. She was able to illuminate some hidden truths with her succinct and insightful questions, and yes, it was a safe place to go! Affirming of what I wanted and unwavering in holding me to account. I know my experience is guiding me to my best. Suzanne delivers.”


“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Suzanne, and she is a driver of change in the healthcare world. She’s able to challenge the status quo and have the difficult conversations that result in positive change. As a leader and as a coach I’ve witnessed her ability to help individuals become more aware of their blindspots, and as a result make breakthrough improvements. She’s a person with a big heart and a strategic mind, who geniunely cares about helping people reach their full potential”


“Suzanne’s coaching has been immensely helpful for the physicians and staff at our clinic. We’ve developed a deeper understanding of our values and what drives us to perform at our best. She has also given us insight into the differences in how we communicate so that we can work better as a team. Most of all, she has pushed everyone to be honest and open with our thoughts and feelings during group work, which has made everyone more motivated and engaged. Thank you Suzanne!”

Dr. Gene Filanovsky Operations Director Skin Care West

“Suzanne worked with our team to do the TypeCoach assessments and team dynamics. We all learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We are putting these tools into place in our communications with one another and it’s made a big difference! Our team has better insight into each other‘s types and how we can utilize each other’s strengths and be sensitive to each other’s needs. Suzanne has a focused and friendly/supportive approach and we all really enjoyed the process. I can highly recommend this for any team.”

Dr. Gabriele Weichert, Medical Director Skin Care West

“Suzanne has a knack for kindly asking insightful revealing questions. After a few sessions with our medical team, we recognized critical organizational aspects that were lacking and instituted the necessary changes . Organizational structure takes work and we were able to do this work with Suzanne’s guidance. Perhaps even more importantly, we gained a deeper understanding of our individual differences in styles of communication and how that impacts our daily interactions. As a consequence of working with Suzanne, our communications have become more respectful and ultimately effective.”

Dr. Yana Simice

“I had always been looking ahead to the next chapter of my life, telling myself “if I could just…”. There was an insatiable need to move through each day in a rush to get to the next. Coaching with Jill has taught me to accept that I am exactly where I am meant to be. She encourages me to slow down and explore, which gives me permission to leave my results-focused mindset behind when we begin each session. Jill has been my guide to a place of true happiness that I never could have imagined for myself.”


“Jill’s extensive experience and passion for helping others grow and develop is clear in her coaching approach. Her insightful and curious questions and care for those she coaches is evident. Jill was quickly able to assess and assist me in articulating a realistic and clear path to achieve results, while still honouring my personal values. She challenges with kindness, compassion, and humour. I always walk away from sessions with Jill feeling confident and supported, with achievable goals to help me grow and develop in my leadership journey.”


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