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Managing by influencing. Leading through people

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Suzanne equips leaders and teams with the tools they need to drive positive change. Leveraging her experience in healthcare and startups, she provides a fresh perspective that helps organizations thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

At Fox Den Consulting, the mission is clear: to facilitate meaningful conversations, forge valuable connections, and do so with a foundation of compassion. I firmly believe that these elements are pivotal in nurturing outstanding businesses, cultivating strong leaders, and fostering cohesive teams.

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Discover the perfect coaching program tailored to fit your unique needs. Our approach is designed to personalize your leadership journey, ensuring it aligns with your goals and aspirations.








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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a professional development strategy that helps executives and high-potential employees reach their full potential. A coach acts as a sounding board and guide, helping clients develop their self-awareness, leadership skills, and overall effectiveness.

Who benefits from executive coaching?

Executives, managers, and leaders at all levels of an organization can benefit from executive coaching. Whether you’re a seasoned CEO or a newly appointed supervisor, executive coaching can help you maximize your potential and achieve your professional goals.

How do I know if executive coaching is right for me?

Executive coaching may be suitable for you if you’re seeking professional growth, facing leadership challenges, or aiming for career advancement. It’s particularly beneficial if you’re open to feedback, committed to personal development, and willing to take action to achieve your goals. Engaging in executive coaching can provide tailored support, valuable insights, and accountability to help you enhance your leadership skills and drive positive change in your career.

What are the goals of executive coaching?

Common goals of executive coaching include:

  • Improving leadership skills, such as communication, delegation, and motivation
  • Enhancing strategic thinking and decision-making abilities
  • Developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Managing stress and navigating difficult situations
  • Achieving specific career goals

What does an executive coaching session look like?

Coaching sessions are typically one-on-one meetings held regularly, often weekly or bi-weekly. Through conversation, assessment tools, and exercises, the coach helps the client identify areas for development and create a personalized action plan.

How can I find an executive coach?

There are many qualified executive coaches available. You can ask for recommendations from colleagues, professional organizations, or your HR department. It’s important to interview potential coaches to find someone who is a good fit for your personality and goals.

Is executive coaching confidential?

Yes, executive coaching is a confidential relationship. The coach will not share any information about your sessions. You are welcome to share whatever you would like outside the session.

What consulting/facilitation services do you offer?

We provide a range of consulting/faciliation services tailored to meet your specific needs, including team development, workplace culture, programs more.

Do you customize your consulting/facilitation approach for each clients?

We understand that every business is unique, so we take a personalized approach to consulting and faciliation. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business, industry, goals, and pain points. Then, we develop customized solutions and strategies to address your specific needs and help you achieve your objectives.

Companies & People I am Working With

“Suzanne is a gifted leadership coach who invites her clients to dig in to become their very best.”

Suzanne is a true executive coach who is able to meet clients where they are but at the same time push them to be the best leader they can be. She is fearless but compassionate, encouraging leaders to understand themselves and their impact in a truly meaningful way. Working with Suzanne opened my eyes to some of my blind spots and helped me find greater strength and resilience as a leader.

She is also a partner in developing organizational leaders. We engaged Fox Den Consulting as a part of our internal coaching program at Nexii Building Solutions, and Suzanne was consistently one of our most popular and impactful coaches in the program. I highly recommend Fox Den and Suzanne to support your leadership growth journey.

Tricia Hollyer

Chief People Officer

Suzanne has a very rich background of experience that complimented my own in that it brought a completely different perspective to the table. Her ability to listen and then analyze and break down problems with me was extremely valuable and really helped me in considering alternate perspectives to an issue. Suzanne would very effectively apply her coaching techniques based on her extensive experience and training in challenging me to consider my leadership approach. Her approach is to target the solutions and approaches that are right and not the quickest or easiest and she held me accountable to do the same.

What I appreciate most about Suzanne is her ability to synthesize theoretical leadership techniques using her practical hands-on experience into something really meaningful. I look forward to keeping in touch with Suzanne as I continue on my leadership journey and I look forward to the time when our directors can access her skills.

VP Transportation

Energy Industry

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