Coaching Tools

Coaching Tools for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Fox Den employs a diverse array of tools and approaches for designing packages to meet your needs. The tools allow us to provide options and perspectives for tackling a particular issue so you can maximize progress and growth individually, as a team or organization. Any of these tools will positively impact your personal, professional, team or organizational growth. Contact us for a discovery session and learn more about our tools and approaches.

Harrison Work Preference Inventory

Harrison’s industry leading assessment, by Dr. Dan Harrison, measure 175 behavioral traits and enables measurement of leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence, personality motivation, attitudes and many other key behaviours. The assessment is based on two foundational theories, Enjoyment Performance Theory and the Paradox Theory and this unique methodology improve one’s abiity to predict success and inspire performance.

One questionnaire and many applications the Harrison Assessment provides the opportunity to customize reports based on your goals, career aspirations and preferences – understand your top five values and the impact they have in your job satisfaction, find out what your expectations for employment are and whether or not they are fulfilled, and what are your top interests are. The Paradox report offers leaders of all levels, insight into how to pursue opposing traits, for example being frank and diplomatic, to strengthen satisfaction in the role, support mastering stress and ensure maintaining perspective.

Like no other, this assessment will support you in understanding your behavioural tendencies, interests and preferences.

Resilience @ Work® Toolkit

Resilience is somewhat of a buzzword and regarded as a complex construct with many facets. Like other constructs, we know what it looks like and what it doesn’t look like and upackinging how to create it is not easy.

As individuals, teams, and organizations the R@W Toolkit offers a complementary suite of assessments that are offered independently or for teams to look at ways to stay productive in times of uncertainty and where complexity surrounds us.

Resilience is a dynamic process that can be developed. This framework will support you and your teams to ensure regular reviews while maintaining actions towards building resiliency as circumstances change.

Positive Intelligence

Increased mental fitness allows you to handle life’s great challenges without mental stress such as anxiety, frustration, unhappiness, and relationship challenges. Shirzad Chamine’s research uncovers 3 core muscles that constitute mental fitness and with activation of the PQ operating system, you can cause a dramatic shift to weaken your Saboteurs (negative emotions) and strengthen your Sage (positive emotions).

Boosting your mental fitness requires building powerful new muscles in your brain, just as boosting your physical strength requires being physically fit.

Discover your top Saboteurs with a free assessment and get started boosting your mental fitness. You will perform better while working less hard, feel less stressed with increased happiness, and improve communication in ways to deepen trust.


Super simple, effective, and insightful. Typecoach can be used for individuals, teams, and organizations looking for a cost-effective approach to improving teaming through effective communication strategies and understanding of each other’s type.

A huge leap forward in understanding your innate preferences with regard to how you get energy, what informs your decision-making, how you handle information, and how much structure you lean towards. This adaptive communication system will support you in harnessing the power of personality type to dramatically increase your success and effectiveness leading others, collaborating, manage your stress and conflict responses, and getting to the next level in your career.

Narrative 360°s – Targeted, focused, and insightful

What do people think about you?

A Narrative 360° helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those around you. It gives you critical feedback so you can expand your leadership, career, and business success. It’s an integral part of personal branding process and an indispensable tool for thriving in today’s professional environment.

Narrative 360s create an opportunity for you to engage in your leadership in a meaningful way. The insight is invaluable for any executive interested in improving leadership effectiveness.

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