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Fox Den offers customized packages to best support individual, team, and organizational goals. Learn more about our services below.

Have questions? You’re invited to take part in a no-charge discovery conversation to find out what service is right for you.

Lean into your leadership

Disrupt yourself. Evolve your learning. Navigate complexities and learn to lead with courage, clarity, and confidence.

Self-awareness and individual development are foundational to understanding the things the make you who you are. Get clarity on your values, purpose, feelings, and behaviours to advance your leadership and support you as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of your day.

Leadership coaching will support you to:

  • Explore and pinpoint your leadership strengths
  • Challenge perspectives
  • Prepare you for career transitions and advancements
  • Prepare you to have fierce conversations
  • Build and maintain mental fitness
  • Establish work-life priorities

To help others, it’s important to know what you’re good at. It’s also important to lean into your growing edges.

Leadership coaching will deepen your self-awareness and purpose and give you a clear understanding of the actions needed to get you to the next stage of your leadership journey.

Ready to level up?

Grow your team

Working in a team is not the same as working as a team. In today’s complex environments, teams who have clarity of vision and purpose, have fierce conversations and achieve bigger and bolder outcomes.

Team coaching will:

  • Build capacity and develop a shared purpose and values
  • Explore and identify team member’s strengths
  • Set priorities within the team and connect them to the larger organizational system
  • Manage conflict with open and brave conversations
  • Foster positive work environments with value-based behavioral competencies and strategic direction

Team coaching services are offered as customized packages. Let’s chat about how a high-performing team will impact your organization.

Transform your workplace

Pinpointing what you want in a workplace culture is important. Learning how to identify, grow, and sustain it is equally so.

Workplace culture facilitation will:

  • Explore, test, and identify team values
  • Enable healthier leadership, teams, and team culture through trusted relationships
  • Facilitate healthy conflict resolution with open and brave conversations
  • Foster positive, agile work environments
  • Foster teamwork and team building through joy and fun

Ready to build a workplace culture where people want to work together to achieve great things?
What are you waiting for?


Fox Den has extensive experience in small and large group facilitation. Whether you are looking for a thought partner, leadership workshops, team-building retreats, or strategy sessions, we customize each event for you.

Facilitated workshops are:

  • Customizable for alignment to your desired outcomes
  • Team-based to allow for collaboration, idea sharing, and learning while managing the complexities of your day-to-day
  • Ready for opportunities for brainstorming and dreaming of the future
  • Set up to allow for crucial conversations being tackled together to enable teams and individuals to thrive and grow together
  • Really fun (I’m not making this up – read the reviews)

Are you ready to take part? You won’t regret it.

Strategy and execution

A clear team, business, or organizational strategy cuts through uncertainty and complexity and brings your people in and onto the path, together.

Fox Den strategic facilitation is:

  • Purpose focused – let’s identify your ‘why’?
  • Creative and engaging for all stakeholders
  • Clarifying – let’s cut through the complexity and get focused on the outcome
  • Collaborative, participatory, and brings all participants together
  • Immersive – we’re not moving out of the box and we’re not building a new one.
  • We’re asking ‘is a box what we really need?’

Ready to map a clear path forward that has everyone going the same direction?

Clinical Operations Management

The only constant in health care is change. You’re looking for bold ideas and bolder solutions. Fox Den’s clinical operations management support is:

  • Based on 20+ years of healthcare industry experience and knowledge across acute and community healthcare sectors
  • Rooted in clear, compassionate, and courageous communication
  • Patient, family and staff-focused

Together we will:

  • Empower you to do more with less through strong operational leadership and bold new ways of looking at work
  • Build better workflows and organizations of care to improve staff and patient experience
  • Facilitate team infrastructure and modeling changes to improve the service provided
  • Support change management to develop operational competencies and capabilities that will drive the adoption of new ways of thinking and working

Are you ready to develop a clear approach, unique to your team or organization’s needs?

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