Written by Suzanne


November 8, 2023

What’s Your Leadership SPF?

I laughed the other day when I received the below text from a friend:

“I didn’t know your initials are SPF – it’s no wonder you’re a protective force for so many.”

And while these words made me smile (smile a lot!), it did get me thinking about the importance of both having people who can help you manage complexity throughout your leadership journey, while also building your mental fitness to be able to do it for yourself.

I think it is a little bit like applying sunscreen. And yes, it’s not lost on me that I’m writing about this in the middle of November. But think of it this way – you want to be able to do the majority of it by yourself, but will also need help reaching that (seemingly impossible) middle part of your back. And it is also good to have a few people who will be there with a quick offer to help if they see that you’re starting to get a sun burn.

I think too, much like sunscreen, you get a lot better at regularly applying these practices as you get older – and likely, gain more experience in the sun.

You make it a point to do it with intention. It becomes a part of your daily routine, a habit. You make it a point to tell others to do it, share the knowledge. And hopefully it becomes a new habit for them too.

Maybe it’s not even something you think about anymore, but you can tell the difference on days when you forget to put it on.

I know I do.

So I’m curious? What – or maybe even who – is your personal SPF? What is your daily practice to help you feel prepared, empowered and energized to take on the world?

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