Written by Suzanne


April 13, 2024

Together is better

Who is your person?

Who is the one you go to when you get bad news? When you get good news? To laugh? To cry? Maybe to just BE?

So much of the time when we think about or talk about leadership, there is a persisting narrative, or even idolization, of the idea of the ‘lone wolf’.

The rogue.

The person who built themselves from nothing and who leads with a singular vision.

But – and I would question: does anyone ever do anything truly alone? Especially in today’s ever connected, post-modern communities, we are interacting with so many people, so many ideas, so many ways of looking at and understanding the world, that we are under constant influence from others.

I know that I can attribute a great number of my successes, both big and small, to the impact of others. Working together, learning from, and leading with partners, collaborators, colleagues, and other leaders has made me, and continues to make me, better.

And on the flip side – I relish in opportunities to make similar impact on others. To build them up, sing their praises, and celebrate together when they reach new heights.

Isn’t that what leadership is about?

It’s why I’m so excited about Friends of the Den – an opportunity to, together, extend our reach and help build, support and nurture, passionate, compassionate and resilient leaders and organizations.

You can check them out here: https://foxdenconsulting.com/friends-of-the-den/

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