Written by Suzanne


January 15, 2024

Speaking your kind

At the end of December, I offered ‘thrive’ as my word for the approaching new year.

And I’ve been thinking – thinking about what we need to thrive – both individually and collectively.

I come back to connection.

I come back to compassion.

And above all, I come back to kindness – which is one of my top values.

I think we need kindness more than we’ve needed it before.

Because too often kindness gets a bad rap. It’s trivialized. Or it’s weaponized – used to disempower or deflect from important and endemic issues.

Because to be kind – to embed it into our daily practices, is a mark of bravery and strength. It means we are listening to others. We are being patient. We are establishing and exercising clear and powerful boundaries. It is an intentional, empathetic, and present way of interacting with others.

It is transformative to be kind.

Even greater? Kindness begets kindness.

In my perspective there is no better pathway to personal and collective thriving than embracing kindness.

I invite you to share your thoughts on kindness and in manifests in your daily practice? I’d love to know.

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