Getting Good Things Done

Getting Good Things Done: Navigating Organizational Politics with Integrity

Are you looking to grow your influence and impact? Let’s grow your political savvy.

Political savviness is a quality found in influential leaders who adeptly navigate the political landscape while upholding moral and ethical principles.

Simply put, being politically savvy in the workplace is about optimizing and leveraging relationships to achieve shared goals.

Think of a time you witnessed an interaction of questionable integrity.

Such experiences can be discouraging and disheartening – even demoralizing.

We can be left choosing between two undesirable choices – compromising ethical standards or risking career repercussions – we may feel caught between selling out and losing out.

It’s time to embrace a third option: leaning in. By developing politically street-smart skills and adopting constructive strategies ensures you can contribute positively to your organization, increase your impact and retain your and grow your integrity.

And we know how to help you with that.

What you’ll learn

Cultivate your savvy

Learn foundational concepts related to power, politics, and influence and choose a personal influence scenario to work on throughout the program.

Decode people and situations

Focus on understanding different political styles and the values that people and organizations hold.

Foster intentional relationships

Identify and prioritize networking opportunities and learn practical tips for networking.

Develop strategic preparedness + readiness

Design a customized approach to influence for your scenario.

Detect and intercept low-integrity maneuvers

Recognize low-integrity tactics and choosing high-integrity responses.

Master the art of skillful communication

Learn about the neuroscience of decision-making and tools for skillful communication.

Reset, Adapt and Pivot

Learn how to adapt and pivot their strategies if the initial approach doesn’t work as hoped.

Uphold and maintain integrity

Clarify personal values and ethical standards and maintaining integrity.

Course details

This is a 10-part, 90–120-minute virtual learning series held every week.

What you can expect:

Before each session: A short 5–10-minute learning task to complete before the session (ex. reading an article, watch a video, or complete a short reflection activity).
During each session: Ample opportunities for interaction and discussion of real-life examples through sharing stories.
Between Sessions: Small homework assignments to apply or practice what you learned in the session and a brief check-in with an ‘Accountability Partner’ (fellow learner).

For teams

Get good things done as a team!

Exploring political situations and cultivating savvy as a group is a powerful and positive way to build and transform organizational culture.

Reach out to learn more about bringing Getting Good Things Done into your organization to develop politically street-smart skills and adopt constructive strategies across the board – and see your team thrive.

Upcoming program dates

September 2024
Cohort 1 – Starting September 10th, 2024
Cohort 2 – Starting September 18th, 2024 – SOLD OUT

January 2025
Cohort 1 – Starting January 7th, 2025

April 2025
Cohort 1 – Starting April 8th, 2025

Getting Good Things Done

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This is a 10-part, 90–120-minute virtual learning series held every week. September 2024

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