Written by Suzanne


October 18, 2023

Embrace the Good Fear

October ushers in the season of thrills and chills time to embrace the seemingly terrifying, only to discover the delight and enchantment within them. This concept can be likened to what I term ‘good fear’ – a fear that initially spooks you, but you understand that by confronting it, accepting it, and improving upon it, you will emerge stronger.

This concept extends beyond the realm of Halloween creatures and eerie spectacles. ‘Good fear’ is often experienced when we encounter am opportunity that pushes us beyond our comfort zones – perhaps it challenges a known area of growth, or a skill that exists but requires refinement.

I recently faced my ‘constructive fear’ by committing to Fox Den Consulting on a full-time basis. Venturing into the unknown can be daunting and scary, but when the magic is there, it’s difficult to turn a blind eye.

In my work with clients, I assist them in confronting their ‘good fears’ in both their personal and professional lives, helping them understand its intrinsic connection to growth, be it personal, team-based, or organizational.

Most importantly, through this process, I am continually reminded of how ‘good fear’ is a significant catalyst for joy. In the spirit of Halloween, we could also term it as magic – but regardless of the label, the essence remains the same: demonstrating courage in the face of fear, and triumphing in that space, is a rewarding, beautiful and joyful experience.

What ‘good fear’ are you currently wrestling with? Let’s transform it into magic and joy:

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