Create a Values Based Team

Working towards a shared purpose requires collaboration, mutual understanding, navigating complexities and finding alignment with key stakeholders values. The Fox Den team works with all types of organizations to promote high-value, creative, and resilient teams.

Working in a team is not the same as working AS a team. Working AS a team requires leadership awareness, communication, listening and a willingness to accept personal inconvenience to achieve a shared purpose. The Fox Den uses a customized approach and we will partner with you to design a program that will help the team – as both individuals and collectively – become more self-aware and authentic.

Fox Den Consultants use a multi pronged approach to promote team building while working towards becoming a high value sustainable team. This will allow our team to:

  • Build capacity with mutual trust and collective self-belief
  • Develop a shared purpose and set priorities
  • Tackle barriers to performance and manage conflict positively.

Team coaching services are offered in both standard and customized packages. We will begin with a thoughtful and collaborative inquiry about your team and then design a program to meet your needs.

Do you want to explore your team member types and strengths to gain a deeper understanding of each other?

Would you like to uncover barriers that prevent the team from collectively achieving goals or satisfaction at work?

Are you wondering how to create conditions where the team spends more time on things that are really important?

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