Addressing the Need of our Health Care Leaders: A Conversation on Self-Leadership and Coaching to Enhance Outcomes

Written by Suzanne


April 4, 2024

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Podcast Description

Welcome to Fox Den Consulting, where we redefine healthcare leadership! Our podcast is dedicated to sparking a revolution in the way we approach leadership within the healthcare profession. Join us as we dive into insightful conversations with industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries who are paving the way for positive change. Gain valuable perspectives and practical strategies to transform your own leadership style and contribute to a better healthcare system. Ready to be part of the revolution? Tune in now and join the movement towards a healthier future.

Revolutionizing Leadership in Healthcare Program

Through this three-month virtual intensive program, you’ll work with a cohort of like-minded leaders.

Together, each of you will press the ‘reset’ button on your approach to self-leadership and create long-lasting relationships with other drivers of system transformation and change. You’ll see you’re not alone – that there are other health care leaders from across the globe who have similar struggles and similar goals – for themselves, for their profession and for health care, as a whole.

You’ll get the tools you need to not just survive, but thrive.


Virtual 3 Month Program
Dates: May 15th – July 31, 2024
Sessions: 75 – minutes long

Ready to revolutionize? Let’s go:

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